The Flipped Classroom 1

The flipped classroom  is an approach where lectures are posted online as videos (called screencasts) for students to watch as homework thus freeing up time in class for more enriching activities. As the Director of Technology at Lawrence Academy in Groton, MA for 21 years and as a math teacher for 40 years I have implemented this approach. My role as a teacher has changed to one as a facilitator who assists students to take responsibility for their own learning. My students became more actively engaged in their learning and I as the teacher had much more individual contact with my students.  By being able to free up enough class time allowed me to forgo lectures almost completely and to create a more student-centered, collaborative environment.  I as well as my students now truly have a student-centered state of mind!

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  1. Wonderful
    As former jr/sr hs teacher and late adult student, I’ve felt much classroom material could be assimilated independently. I’m hoping my former students remember writing their own version of one of the characters and performing their collaborative version of Canterbury Tales. As a student I really disliked going to class and having book ‘taught’ to us–especially science and math classes. Love the way you are teaching.

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