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Mark Burkholz has been Director of Technology at Lawrence Academy since 1992. He has been responsible for all technology initiatives at Lawrence Academy for the past 20 years including networking of the campus and the integration of technology into the curriculum.   A former New York City public school teacher (1974–84) and software engineer at AT&T’s Bell Labs (1984–91), Mark currently teaches AP computer science and mathematics in addition to his administrative duties.   Mark has presented at many technology conferences and has been consulting with schools on how to implement the flipped classroom.  Mark has flipped his precalculus class and he has helped to implement a flipped classroom initiative in Lawrence Academy’s mathematics department.  Mark’s interests include Karate, Zen, snowboarding, canoeing, and hiking. Mark’s wife Sheara Friend is a well-known domestic relations lawyer in Wellesley, MA and he has two sons, Ben and Noah.

email:  mburkholz@lacademy.edu


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