The Flipped Classroom – Mix It Up Reply

There is a tendency for people who teach in a flipped classroom to do things in a similar way each day. For example in a math classroom there is a tendency to do a lot of worksheets. It is important for the teacher to have a multiplicity of approaches and to engage the students in the various ways people learn. Students working in an active learning, collaborative environment that is truly student-centered won’t feel bored with the material. This is very hard to do. In my math classroom there are many days where students work on problems together. However, there are equally as many days that students make presentations, work with manipulatives, teach each other, play games, etc. This takes a lot of work and time. I try to plan 1-2 weeks in advance so I have plenty of time to think through new approaches. Not every day is successful but every day should be student-centered. It is also important to have a good grasp of your students weaknesses and strengths so the class can better meet the needs of your students. Most importantly, you must come into each and every class with a student-centered state of mind.

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