TABS Annual Conference Reply

The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS) is holding its annual conference in Washington DC.  This popular event continues to be the leading education conference for boarding school heads, deans of admission, residential life specialists, faculty, and staff. It offers an environment to learn best practices in formal settings through workshops, concurrent sessions, and nationally renowned keynote speakers, and informally through receptions, luncheons, and breaks.

On   Mark Burkholz along with Eric Bray from the Gow School in NY  will  be presenting A Practical Guide to “Flipping the Classroom”  at the TABS conference in Washington, DC in November”:

Flipping the classroom” is a student-centered model where students watch a lecture online which frees up valuable
class time that can effectively be used to foster a more collaborative, experiential, and creative classroom atmosphere
with more emphasis on 1-1 interaction between students and teachers. This presentation will present the pros and
cons of this model as well as the details on how to practically implement such an approach into nearly any school
setting,without an overly robust network infrastructure or expensive hardware.

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