Christa McAuliffe 2012 Technology Conference Reply

The Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference serves as a forum for exchanging technology-based success stories, integration tips,   instructional strategies, technical solutions, and management techniques, that really work in the learning environment.   Based upon the concept of collegial sharing, the focus is on what is possible with the resources we have available today.   The conference also provides a forum for investigating new and emerging technologies.

On Tuesday, November 27,   Mark Burkholz will be presenting a Practical Guide to Flipping the Classroom:

Review the basic concepts of the flipped classroom with emphasis on the Explore-Flip-Apply and Traditional Flip models of flipping. Discover very simple ways of creating screencasts and pencasts. See how easy it is to use Screencast-o-matic (web-based software requiring no installation) with Smart boards or a graphical tablet. Learn how easy it is to create pencasts using the Livescribe Echo pen. Discuss the pros and cons of flipping the classroom and howthe time freed up by the screencasts can effectively be used to teach in a more collaborative, experiential, student-centered classroom atmosphere with more
emphasis on 1-1 interaction between students and teachers. The most important concept presented is that the flipped classroom is more of an open-ended approach to teaching rather than a specific method.

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