The Flipped Classroom – What If? Reply

Now that you have created your screencasts how how do you create a more dynamic classroom environment? I have addressed this in previous posts but one way would be what I call the “what if” approach. In order to get students to think more creatively why not have them think of a “what if” question and then have your students explore the question in depth.  For example, in a math class you might ask your students to explore the graphs of quadratic functions and then come up with a “what if” question. One student might ask “what if” a graph was upside down? What is the quadratic equation that describes this graph? If you are history student studying world war 2 you might ask “what if” the United States did not drop the atom bomb on Japan? How would that have affected the course of the war?

Teachers could also present students with these types of open-ended questions. Questions would be designed to enable the students explore the subject matter deeply and creatively.  This would sharpen the student’s critical thimking and reasoning skills while at the same time have them think like real historians, mathematicians, etc.

The point is that with the time saved by posting lectures online the students will now have more time in class to explore the subject matter in-depth. In addition they can take more responsibility for their learning and develop the critical thinking skills necessary to explore these kinds of open-ended questions.

What,you say? You don’t have the time? “What if” you did?

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